The fastest way to save your documents to your repository

Works Everywhere

If your application can print, it can send your documents to your repository.

Saves Time

Forget about printing and scanning — Hanselware is a slingshot to your document repository, P8, Box, Sharepoint, and many others.

Simple to use

Simple by design, only 2 steps is all it takes to push your documents directly where they should go.

Repository efficiency

If your application can print, your team can now save their documents directly into their repository. Hanselware can help solve many organizational needs such as:

  • Eliminate misfiling and losing documents
  • Faster collaboration and project completion times
  • Simple to use -- not introducing "yet another tool" to learn and master
  • Keeps teams focused on the solution, rather than printing and scanning
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Here’s how we connect you to your repository

Desktop Applications

Starting with your existing applications such as Microsoft® Office™, SalesForce™, Peoplesoft™ — anything that can print.

Hanselware Appliance

Hosted on or off premise, deploy Hanselware wherever you need it. Not sure where? We can help!

Your Repositories

Your files are saved as PDF (by default) directly into your P8, Sharepoint, or other existing repositories — without ever leaving your current application.

Want to learn more about Hanselware?

Slingshot to Your Repositories

Connect with a simple desktop client for Windows and Macintosh.
iOs and Android coming soon.

Works With Your Apps

Your team can save to your repository with a click of a button, never leaving the application, keeping your files organized.

Save Hours of Time

Eliminate delays, overhead, misfiled and lost documents by replacing your “print and scan” workflow.

Simple To Use

Simply click to send your documents to where they need to go, whether into P8, Box, Sharepoint or any other content repository from the app you’re working in.